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There comes a time in your life when you want to know more about yourself, more about your family, and your lineage. This is often necessary for all of us as we age, it is part of trying to discover what you truly want in life, or what your purpose is. “Temet Nosce Means”, in greek “Gnothi Seaton”, in English “Know Thyself”, once written in the temple of the Greek god Apollo, and shared in Latin, an adage that remains true to this day, in order to truly find purpose, you must start by knowing yourself. Your family and linage is an important part of you, with traditions and habits that might have been passed down unknowingly by ancestors, you will be able to know what the future might bring by looking at the past.

CountrySutherland.co.uk first started as a way for those staying in Sutherland to discover their history and how their family contributed to it, but as we grow we became advocates of the importance of knowing your roots. We educate and help people know more about themselves through the genealogy and the available tools online today.

We hope to one day provide services such as DNA Testing Kits, and are currently studying the logistics. For now we share information and news about genealogy, such as breakthroughs and discoveries, providing the needed knowhow to getting started with your journey in knowing more about your lineage and yourself.