Backyard Laboratory: Electrical Problems

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So you could imagine how much electricity it would take to power the lab equipment  I bought online, along with my Nvidia Tesla Powered PC for Data Analysis, what I thought would be a really cool project turned into a nightmare. Of course I was able to have my building permits in order, and since this laboratory was just for my personal use I don’t think I will need any additional permits, hopefully that is. The problem lies in power; it looks like I had to find a more capable person to do the job of wiring, my contractor recommended the company Electrician Columbus Ohio, who immediately sent someone to look at the job that needed to be done.

I might be considered a scientist, but I’m not really that great when it comes to electricity, at least when it’s about construction. The electrician was surprised to discover that I wanted him, to enable the proposed building to be able to power my Laboratory equipment, along with lights and a power hungry work station PC. With the look on his face I had thought that my project was over and I would be the proud owner of a ridiculously large tool shed in my garden. But the electrician was able to find a solution, albeit a fairly pricey one, that saved the project.

If it weren’t for this particular electrician and his company, I would have been in complete despair. I would gladly do business with them again and recommend them to anyone who have needs.


How is the Home Laboratory Project?

To be honest there were a lot more delays than this, and I am certain that a lot more are coming my way, but these are the challenges I must face in order to reach my dream of having a fully functioning laboratory at home.

When I had first started this project, I had a vision and a completion date, but with work, the group, and other demanding projects, the date of completion kept on being pushed and pushed. Luckily enough the contractor and a good portion of his workforce are friends of mine, if you can call people charging you full-price friends that is. No matter, as I had already thought that something like this would happen and had set aside an ample amount for the project, but I have to finish soon though as that could run out too.



I highly recommend not doing this, especially if science isn’t your day job, but if you must here are a few things that you need to have:

  • Friends in the construction business to get you good price for the materials, if you could get a discount for the labor cost that would be better.
  • A fairly large yard and distance from neighbors.
  • Money, and lots of it! More than I have set aside for the project apparently. (contact me if you want to know)
  • Patience, as this will take time and have delays, unless if you have an unlimited amount of money.