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There are many companies online that sells kits that allow you to send DNA samples back to them, where they can test and map your genetic heritage. While we would like to give this service to you, we are still studying the logistics. For now we recommend that you try these companies:

You might have heard of them, lately many YouTube channels and celebrities have been either sponsored by the site or used their services for the sake of satisfying their curiosity. Nevertheless I find the site’s service; with a price tag of $99.00 is a good way to know more about one’s self and roots.

While not as well-known as, at least to us laymen, their slightly higher priced test kits do more specific tests. We have yet to try their kits personally, but we recommend you to check out their site and you might find something that interests you.

National Geographic’s: Geno 2.0 DNA Ancestry Kit

Yes, THE National Geographic offers DNA test kits. I highly recommend using this as participation to their service/experiment will allow them to gather more data. Don’t get me wrong, the above sites gives exemplary service, participating in research could help us understand more about it though. The kit currently sells from $149.00 to $199.

Yes , all of these cost money, but compared to the past the price of DNA testing has become more affordable and accessible. Know your history, know thy self!