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We gather NEWS regarding Genealogy and new technology related to helping with genealogical research.

Here is the latest related news regarding Genealogy:

 March 2017

-Edmond Group Meeting: DNA and Genealogy Lecture

If you are currently staying in Oklahoma, you might want to attend the Edmund Genealogy Society meeting this coming Monday. The speaker, Dr. Ruth Oneson, will be talking about genetic genealogy, family tree DNA testing, and how to use the results.

Edmund Genealogical society is a group that advocates the development and maintaining of high standards of training in the field of genealogy and historical research. To know more about the event and the group visit

-Granville Genealogy Festival: The Ragland Family

In Jackson County, Missouri- This month the Granville Genealogy Festival celebrates the Ragland Family’s lineage. A fine example of how genealogy and tracing back your roots allows us to see the contribution of our family to history, though the Ragland families is a far more accomplished line than usual; with contribution Sports, Education, and Business, the family is rightfully celebrated, more on this family and additional Genealogy event here.

-Cos Cob Library: Invites Popular Genealogist, Tony Lauriano, and offers Genealogy Program

March 25, Saturday- Cos Cob Library and its staff will once again welcome Tony Lauriano to speak about the use of old ship manifests from the 19th century in locating family, and its importance in genealogical research.

A graduate of University of Florida, and retired Director of Finance for the Catholic Medical Center of Brooklyn and Queens, Tony Lauriano started lecturing on genealogy since 2007. An Expert one must, at least once, attend a lecture to. Read more details regarding the event here.

– The Polish Genealogical Society of Connecticut to Hold Scanning Party.

On April 8, at New Britain, Connecticut- the Polish Genealogical Society of Connecticut will be holding a scanning party at Pulaski Club, 89 Grove St., New Britain. This event will help with the genealogical research of the society, its members, and others. Everyone is invited to join; you don’t need to be a member of the society nor the Polish American Foundation to take part. The event will involve the scanning and indexing of documents such as obituaries, Marriage Certificates, and birth certificates which could assist people with their genealogical research.

-Wallace State Expands Collection in Genealogy Department

In Hanceville, Alabama- Wallace State Community College expands their Genealogy department’s Collection, with the already expansive archive of the department the additional books, documents, and films will make the state community college and valuable hub for both amateur and professional genealogists.