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View looking down Strath Kildonan by C Stokes

Created for all who are interested in their ancestors from this beautiful county or who simply love Sutherland. In order to see the latest version of this page please refresh all pages which you have visited previously. Many links have been updated. 

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Our burial ground section now has new indexes for all parishes.  Very useful.

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The Parishes
Each parish of the county has its own section within the site with lots of useful information, links to websites, etc.  At the end of each parish section you will find a page headed Families.  In here are links to those families being researched by visitors to this site.   These links contain a huge amount of genealogical information and may even lead you to a relative.  Links to family trees related to each parish have also been included.  Tabs above will take you where you wish to go.

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The Burial Grounds of Sutherland

In Scotland official registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages did not begin until 1855.  Prior to that date we do have to rely on the Old Parish Registers of the Church which unfortunately are not always easily found and when they are can be very difficult to read.  One very good source of information has always been gravestones.  I, with the help of many, have over the past years visited every burial ground in the county and have photographed as many stones as possible.  With the help of earlier recordings and the old records this site now has a large burial ground section with photographs.  Further information on the BURIAL page.  

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Brora by Jean Macdonald
published here with permission

Loch Fleet by Jenny Cameron
published here with permission

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