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The Parishes

Each parish of the county has its own section with lots of useful information, links to websites, etc. At the end of each parish section you will find a page headed Families.  In here are links to those families being researched by members of our mailing lists and visitors to this site.  These links contain a huge amount of genealogical information and may even lead you to a relative.  Links to family trees related to each parish have also been included. 

The Burial Grounds of Sutherland

During the last few years with the help of many others I have photographed and transcribed hundreds of the gravestones in the BURIAL GROUNDS OF SUTHERLAND.  These photographs together with transcriptions can be viewed on this site for a small payment.

War Memorials

Using the button marked War on the top index will take you to our large section on the War Memorials of Sutherland including our Tribute to the brave men from the county who gave their lives in two World Wars.  Included is a list of all those named on the Memorials with extra information on many.  As with all sections if you can add information on individuals or have photographs to share please contact me.

1914 - 2014 

Our Mailing Lists

We have two busy mailing lists with hundreds of members helping each other daily with genealogical queries, putting families together and making friends.   Join our County Sutherland list and/or our Sutherland to Australia list.  Further information here.  

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I am often asked about myself (Christine Stokes nee Murray) - what is my connection with the County of Sutherland - like all those who enjoy this website and its mailing lists I descend from the County.  You can see my family links here and also on the Rogart Families link page.  Briefly my grandfather William Murray, was born at Rhemusaig, Rogart, my father, also named William, was born in Edinburgh as was I.  I have lived in England for over 40 years but am still a true Scot with Highland ancestors. 

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