Research Down The Drain

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Aside from our work with genealogical research we do a variety of personal research, I write today to talk about my six months’ worth of research going down the drain. I have plans to restart my study and start from where my data could allow me to, so I will keep the details of what I was doing confidential. The reason for the loss of my research is because of an infestation of rats in the lab; something that might be the cause of the previous tenants. There was as alarming number living in the building that they needed to call an exterminator to gas the place out, and most of my stuff was pretty much affected by the chemicals.

According to the Pest Control Bolingbrook company , we are still not allowed to go in the building while chemicals are still floating around, so I will have to wait until we get the all clear. Worst case scenario I have to start all over again, best case scenario the chemicals caused some sort of useful result, though I highly doubt that happened. I’m not doing anything dangerous, so there shouldn’t be anything troubling with everything being left out like that, but I do suspect that we will have to fire up the autoclave a couple of time to clean all of those instruments laced with pesticides.